Television Advertising

Marketers team up with Hollywood
A mobile phone manufacturer has teamed up with Hollywood to promote its range of mobile phones. While there are only a few players, the mobile phone industry is characterized by intense competition...

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Mobile Advertisements

Taking “The Body as Billboard” to a new level
Two young entrepreneurs have developed a new marketing idea: using vests with built in televisions and DVD players to create “moving picture” body advertisements. These entrepreneurs have already sold the concept to a media network...

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“The days of free Internet soon to be over”
A media mogul, and CEO of one of the largest media networks in the world, has recently announced his attention to start charging customers for access to his company’s newspaper websites With the advent of the Internet, many newspapers ...

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PowerPoint Presentations

Leading Search Engine competing with PowerPoint
A leading search engine is including a feature in its Documents and Spreadsheets software that brings it into direct competition with Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The new feature was demonstrated during a recent exhibition and allows ...

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Newspaper Advertisements

Newspaper advertising hit hard by online advertisements
A leading daily has predicted that by 2011 online advertising will overtake advertising in terms of volumes and revenues. This prediction was based on the decline in advertising revenues declared by newspapers, despite improvements ...

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Operating Manuals

Operating Manuals, also known as “user guides” or “user manuals”, are technical documents intending to assist users of a particular product, typically hardware, software or electronic items, such as calculators, televisions and mobile phones Manuals were traditionally available in printed format, such as the instruction...

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Annual Reports

An Annual Report provides an all-inclusive report on a company's activities in the previous year, and they are required by law for companies listed on a stock exchange. The basic purpose is to provide information to shareholders and other stakeholders regarding the company’s financial performance. To achieve this, the annual ...

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A logo is a unique combination of graphics (including symbols, pictures and icons), and text which represent a particular company or brand. A logo is designed to make an institution, organization or brand name immediately recognizable and is an important component of its brand identity. Because a logo identifies an entity, its shape, ...

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Point of Sale Displays

Point-of-sale displays are a special form of promotion that is set up near a checkout counter to attract customers’ attention so that they may purchase products they would normally not make a special effort to buy. Point-of-sale displays include shelf edging, hangings, posters, special counters or kiosks near the counter, or banners. ...

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Billboards and Hoardings

Billboards and hoardings are two interchangeable terms used for large outdoor advertising boards usually seen in areas with high traffic, for instances on busy roads. They are used to advertise products or services to pedestrians and drivers. Billboards are designed to be visible at large distances and to attract attention...

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Annual Reports

Annual Reports were typically intended to simply provide a report of a company's activities in the previous year. Previously, annual reports would present only the financial statements of the company, along with footnotes and reports from the CEO, chairperson and auditors in as simple a format as possible with minimal...

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Billboards are mounted in areas with high traffic, or on highways where people did not have much else to do to pass time and ended up reading billboards instead. Traditionally, billboards only used to be a slogan and some graphics painted or printed on a canvas. Now, however, marketers are teaming up with graphic ...

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Mobile Advertisements

More and more advertisements can be seen on modes of transportation, such as bicycles, buses, trains and motor cars. Because these channels are mobile, visibility can be increased by simply traveling to a new location. These advertisements are not limited to painting pictures or writing text. They have also started to include models ...

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Micro Sites

Marketers are also moving towards using micro sites, which is either a single web page or multiple web pages acting as a supplement of the main website. Micro sites are being used to provide information about one particular section of the website, or to provide details of, or promote, a particular event, product or range of products. They are also being used to specially include ...

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Although “blog” advertising is still in its infancy, it is an option that is being seriously considered by companies. Although it is not a “graphic” medium, marketers are working hard with writers and designers to design attractive looking blogs and craft interesting blog content to make consumers notice their product and try it ...

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