Outdoor Media

All forms of advertisement that you see outside of your home comes under the broad category of outdoor media or outdoor advertising. It reaches you when you are ‘on the go’-public places, waiting areas, in transit and especially at certain commercial locations (retail venues for example).

Outdoor media usually includes:

  • Billboard-it is the conventional and predominant form of outdoor media. Although the traditional format is still prevalent, digital billboards are by far superior and effective.
  • Street Furniture-telephone booths, bus shelters, mall kiosk, news racks, etc are all examples of street furniture advertisement. It is most effectual in urban areas and for communities.
  • Transit advertising-also known as mobile advertising, transit advertising utilizes all forms that move, like buses, taxis, truck side, etc. This form allows the message to reach across millions without discrimination.

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Outdoor Media Design Products

The design is the reflection of your brand positioning. It plays a vital role in building your brand or corporate persona. The most important design products for building Outdoor Media are:

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